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    hey guys, first off, this isn't really about plumbing, but i use 1/2" PVC and fittings to make toy marshmallow guns, and i would like to know if there was a program that let you make 3-d plans using PVC pipe and fittings?

    Edit: it would be good if it was free.

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    My new policy of tring to be a nice guy is really being pushed here.

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      dog, yesterday they threw us all off the forum.
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        You can use AutoCad or any similar CAD software to draw a wireframe or solid isometric of your marshmallow gun. It will also draw the orthographic views for you. Actually, you draw the ortho views then display in 3D. Four views coulld be displayed on one sheet, a Top, Left, and Front view along with a 3D wireframe or shaded solid in the fourth quadrant, not difficult at all.

        check out for their IntelliCAD software. This is just one example. There are many otheres. Prices range from FREE to $6000.00 or more if you buy AutoCad with an add-on 3D pipe drafting package.

        You might be interested in this web site I found in a quick search;

        (I have no connection to any of the companies or web sites mentioned in this post.)

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          Well Bob, thanks for the advice. Turns out that I know the owner of MMGUNWORKS very well and I am actually his right hand man. I manage the MMGUNWORKS forum. Would that CAD software be easy to use? Because I tried CAD before and it might have been the program I was using but it was strange.

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            I work with TurboCad quite a bit -- you should check it out. They've got some good tutorials available to help you get going, and you can download and try it before you commit.