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    Re: Build My Own Computer

    Agree with all that Newegg rocks. Have been building my own for 8 years. The only order they screwed up was my first and they next day aired the missing parts at their expense.
    Even though intel has a slight edge in performance over AMD, AMD wins the performance per dollar spent crown IMHO. If cost is not an object, go Intel, if it is, go AMD. NVIDIA for graphics (discrete card) and most everything else can be on board. I used to insist on discrete cards for just about everything, but unless you want to set up surround sound, etc. not worth it. Plus your system runs cooler with less clutter in the case. Lots of RAM and make sure the brand/model is recommended by the motherboard maker. 4 gig for 64 bit, 2-3 for 32 bit. Yes most software doesn't take advantage of multi core processors but the future will, and also having multiple cores will take operating system overhead to a different core than games, or other intense programs you may also have running. I like ASUS and MSI for mainboards, and NVIDIA for graphics. My system is 5 years old and is running the latest version of a high end Cad package, etc. with no sweat because I spent a little extra on top shelf componenents when I built it. With current graphics cards meant for gaming a heavy duty Power supply (500 watts +) is recommended, and I prefer single rail so I don't have to worry about what is pulling too much current off of a given rail. Don't chintz on the fans, but get the ones that will regulate their speed with temperature so it will only be noisy when it needs to be.
    The newegg reviews on components can be useful if you sift thru the ones written by 12 year olds in chatspeak. Toms Hardware guide is very useful as well. just google on it and you will find it.