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Beware of purchases from Cables4Pc or Buycables

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  • Beware of purchases from Cables4Pc or Buycables

    I ordered an external cd rom from this vendor in the name of Cables4PC.. com in November for my eeePC. They are also on eBay as "Cables4PC" and "Buycables."

    The vendor tahes more than two weeks and sends me a Floppy Drive. When I contacted them by email, they claimed that they do not make such mistakes.

    The package was sent to me "Return Postage Guaranteed." On that account, I sealed it back, took it to the Post Office and sent it back to them.

    They claimed they did not received it, and failed to issue a refund. Since they have the record of their shipping, they claimed they never received the return.

    Credit card company can't help, since they chose only to report that I received the package.
    This vendor uses the system to scam buyers out of their money.

    It appeared to be a good deal at less that $20 delivered. But, it was really $20 gone.

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    Re: Beware of purchases from Cables4Pc or Buycables

    Thanks very much for taking the time to tell us about this company. I, for one, really appreciate it. I will add them to my list of blacklisted sellers. Sorry about your problem. I don't know if they carry what you want, but I have always had good luck with The prices are good and so is the service.
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