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  • Free directory assistance

    Google has a number 1 800 goog-411 or 1 800 466-4411 (same number without the acronym). You can use it from home or your cell phone without incurring any charge as you would if you dialed 411 for directory assistance and they will connect you free of charge. No charge for the look up either.
    Another number is 800 free-411 but I haven't tried it yet. Here in CT they whack me over a $1 for directory assistance on the land line and $1.25 on my cell phone.

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    Re: Free directory assistance
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      Re: Free directory assistance

      This one isn't the best, but it is free. ( 1-800-CALL411 ) that's 1-800-225-5411
      You can get more than just phone numbers.


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        Re: Free directory assistance

        I've been using Google info for months now. Rick doesn't believe me that it is free! It's great!
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