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    About 10+ years ago I built a single stage cooling system, I had some R-12 laying around (yes, I am licsensed)
    Worked great for a month, until a crack in the gasket, from so much moving around, and condensation build up.
    Burnt out the cpu, the socket, and the whole motherboard.
    But when it worked, I got it to about 5 degrees (f) at idle and ~12 load.
    Then a pop, snap, crack..... (was a MSI board with a AMD chip)
    And I never did it again, I was just messing around, back in the days when I was overclocking.
    Nowadays, I just use a water cooling setup. (or modified stock air, on my everyday machine(s) (I don't do OC'ng anymore though)

    But WOW, this 5 stage setup is just crazy, just to cool a cpu.
    Waiting to see what his temps are at load for the i7 core chip. (likely -5c at load or better, if the chip will even boot at that temp???)

    Just insane. Great work, excellent pics.

    It is in German, just use a translater (google).

    I am to old to bother with overclocking anymore, but if I were to get back into it, I would just do liquid nitrogen instead (or rather dry ice, setup).
    Since I would only use it for the minimal time that I OC, and for everyday use, air is fine.

    Anyhow enjoy the pics.