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  • MP3 Audio Player for Car

    I need some recommendations on going about a little project. My car sound system has a 3.5mm stereo phone jack for audio input. It has to be analog audio suitable for driving headphones or ear buds. What I want to do is to use a Windows based audio recording program I have to make up MP3 audio files and store them either on a flash drive like device or a portable hard drive. I've heard that an Apple iPOD is the answer to may needs, but am wondering if there are any better devices. I don't care about video or wild features but I do want highest audio sound quality. I did connect a boom box using a male - male cable with proper plugs up to the auxiliary audio input and it works pretty well if I use the headphones jack on the boom box.

    Your device recommendations, please.

    Do you have any special software you recommend I use with it?

    Note: I don't need 100 hours playing time as 6 hours would be enough and 10 would be great.

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    Re: MP3 Audio Player for Car

    You can go to best buy and get a flash MP3 player much cheaper than an iPOD. I have this in my Mazda, but there is some engine whine. The MP3 CD player in my Honda has nice clean sound. I mainly listen to AM radio, so have never really tried to fix the whine in the Mazda.


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      Re: MP3 Audio Player for Car

      What cpw says.

      iPods are overpriced and too proprietary. In short a hassle.
      Get yourself a regular mp3 player. This is not cutting edge technology anymore and most will do just fine.

      But if you're itching to spend some doe then buy a car stereo with a USB port and just use a regular flash memory stick. Even less hassle.
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        Re: MP3 Audio Player for Car

        UPDATE: If found several very nice SONY MP3 players at J&R online and for what they have, they are much less $$$ than an Apple iPOD with the same storage capacity. Customers claim the SONY ones I'm looking at have very good sound quality too. I'm almost ready to order one and hope it works. I do need to find a shorty 3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo plug connecting cable. It's easy to find 6 foot and longer, but I want one about 18-24 inches long for my use. I have a nice pair of headphones I plan to try it out with so I may end up using it as a portable device when not in the car.

        Thanks for the good replies.