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Don't talk smack about Apple!

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  • Don't talk smack about Apple!

    This past year I have been wanting a Apple IMac so last weekend I went and bought one in Ann Arbor Michigan store.

    After getting the computer set up I was sent a questioner about my experience from the Apple store. I answered honestly and let them know I was not happy about one issue.

    The next day I get a call from a manager from Apple apologizing for what happened and was really concerned with me being happy, and let me know changes were going to be made.

    Kinda freaked me out. Somebody cared enough to call and was genuinely concerned.

    So far, I am very impressed with Apple.
    Anyone can tear a man down, few can build one up.

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    Re: Don't talk smack about Apple!

    you can say the same thing about ridgid too.

    either 1 of us will jump in or one of the ridgid employees will jump in.

    sure there's always the first time posters that come in complaining, but for the most part, complaints get taken care of quickly.

    phoebe it is