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  • Netbook Invoicing

    Do you run invoicing on a NetBook type laptop without a CD/DVD drive?



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    Re: Netbook Invoicing

    I wanted to try out a computer in the truck, but I didn't want to spend for a rugged laptop, so I got an 11" netbook instead. I figured if I destroy it, who cares, I am only out $400. It works out great for me. I can print out my invoices, look stuff up on the internet, and have a good way to keep track of my info in the truck. At the end of the day, I shove my clipboard, netbook, and printer into a backpack, and take it in the house for charging.

    There are a couple of downsides though. Netbooks are underpowered. That is how you get them to run cool and have a long battery life. They also don't have cd/dvd drives. Neither of those are a big concern for me. I just purchased a usb cd/dvd burner and carry that in the backpack. Now the only time I use it is when I buy a new cd and want to rip it and put it on my iPod. As for being underpowered, I haven't tried quickbooks out on it yet, but everything else seems to work ok. I've watched many stupid youtube videos while waiting for customers to arrive since getting the thing.

    If you decide to get one, I suggest getting one with over a 10" screen. That will make the keyboard almost full size. Also, get one with 2 gigs of memory, and a six cell battery. I don't think a three cell battery would make it a whole day on one charge, and Windows is a memory hog.


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      Re: Netbook Invoicing

      netbooks are the way to go. the 6 cell battery last a good 5-6 hours running and more than a day standby.

      i just flip the lid and let it hibernate. i never truly shut it off.

      phoebe it is