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  • What does this mean

    I download movies etc from Limeire but cannot play some movies on my window media centre or nero and would like to know what this means and what program will play it "R5DVD RIPXviD-MAX"


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    Re: What does this mean

    VLC plays nearly everything I throw at it.

    Video LAN Client

    To answer your other question, R5DVD RIPXviD-MAX tells me that some guy copied his DVD (MPEG 2) collection and re-encode that content using the XviD MPEG 4 CoDec, then submitted this content to the internet for anyone to download. Basically, he is a pirate of DVD movies. If you downloaded this content using a TORRENT, it could mean that the file is incomplete or corrupt.

    Since this is a RIDGID Tools forum, that is as far as I can go with this subject here.
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