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    I have been a long time user of Internet Explorer but recently, once it was opened it was constantly building on memory usage. I have been using IE 7 because I didn't like IE 8. My brother has been using Firefox and likes it so I downloaded it and I liked it for a while. During the past few weeks it has started acting up some. One of the major aggravations is that it will not remember usernames (like to this site). I also use Norton and I thought that might be a problem but it doesn't seem to cause any trouble on IE. However, I turned off my firewall for a short time to see if that might be help but it didn't. I am not a computer idiot but certainly not a genius either. So, I am asking for some help from some of the more knowledgeable users. There has to be something that got accidentally turned on that is not erasing cookies or something similar but I just don't know what else to look for.

    Any help would be appreciated,


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    Re: Browser Problems

    I use Firefox almost exclusively and I don't experience any of the problems you described. Go through the settings, on the menu:


    There is a check box "Remember passwords for sites".

    Also, when you go to a new site where you are asked to enter user/pass the browser will pop a band right below the tabs. There will be a few buttons asking you for various options regarding the password. The band will vanish after a few seconds.

    Norton should have no issues with Firefox.
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