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    Re: Google Earth

    The Google Earth that I use is free. I believe they have a couple of levels that you subscribe too... for instance, the version that CBS often uses is much higher resolution with more options, which I'm sure goes for some hefty $$.

    Overall, even the free version is pretty impressive in my opinion. I used to be a big user of the old Geologic Survey Maps that were printed by the government. They were changed maybe every ten or twenty years and were strickly cartesian (is that the right word?), defining terrain with contour lines, elevations, etc. They were great for my youthful hiking expeditions. I imagine they are still available.

    But Google is fantastic, and for a few complaints about them not being timely updated, I guess there are those among us who simply don't appreciate such technological advancements, and the effort/cost that it takes to provide these in the first place.

    A couple of years ago, I got a kick out of seeing the latest imagery of our place in Painted Post.... you could clearly see the old van parked in our driveway and my Miata sitting in the Parking lot at the Rand. The image of the house in Binghamton showed several big Maple trees along the east property line, but at the time they had been cut down a few years prior. They updated that image last year, so you can now see the property a bit better without the shadows.



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      Re: Google Earth

      Originally posted by AFM View Post
      Is it free or do you pay for it.

      I use the free version ... always

      I like CWS comment..
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        Re: Google Earth

        I like Bing live maps better, and it's completely free.