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  • Address /Phone Book Software

    Does anyone know of or use a program for keeping address and phone numbers, that is not in the $200-$300 range. I know about ACT, Outlook, etc,.

    Does anyone use simpler cheaper programs? I want to be able to print out pages in different sizes and or rolodex cards etc.

    The program I am using Daytimer 2000 is old, no longer sold or supported and difficult to export if something goes wrong and my data needs reworking. I have searched Google but nothing seems attractive. I could setup a spread sheet in excel but that limits the printing options.

    Anyone have any ideas??

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    Re: Address /Phone Book Software

    Have you considered RIDGIDConnect? Keep all of your contacts stored in one place. Allow you to record work by customer. Accessible from any web browser 24x7. Sync your addresses to a personal navigation device (GPS) if you use one in your truck. You can even use to access all that information in real time via the browser on your cell phone. It would be an investment in a totally different capability that would go beyond a rolodex or microsoft(tm) outlook(r).


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      Re: Address /Phone Book Software

      If you have MS Office then you have MS Word and Excel, possibly MS Access. Personally I would opt for MS Access to store Data and then you could use Mail Merge function in MS Word with print options to suit you. Excel will do fine too, but it's function is not really to store date, but rather to crunch numbers.
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