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    Re: Mac Mini

    Gateway SX2840-01 vs. Apple Mini

    If I had to trade my Mac for a PC, I would dearly mis the included iLife software suite, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, iWeb, and GarageBand. They are not the best at what they do but they are simple to use and all work well together along with iTunes, plus they are free.

    Finally 64 bit!
    My experience with Windows ends with Vista (my Mac has Boot Camp). Vista was a disappointment. I am not familiar with 7. A lot about Microsoft doesn't make sense to me, starting with their slogan, "Life Without Walls!" my common sense tells me that if you don't have walls, then you don't need windows! "life without walls" is deseiving, the system actually utilizes a great big firewall!
    B.T.W. SYSTEM 7 is what Apple named their operating system back in 1991

    I must have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (802.11 N), and especially a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit. Intel's integrated graphics is next to useless for me. All of this is included in the Mini

    The CPU in this Gateway is entry level, but it looks more capable than the outdated core 2 duo. A full size hard drive is faster (less expensive) and more reliable than the laptop size unit found in the Mini.


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      Re: Mac Mini

      Can a flat screen TV be used as the computer monitor with a Mini or comparable PC? Not just for streaming video, but for actually using programs?




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        Re: Mac Mini

        Originally posted by PlumbingSkool View Post
        Hey J.C.

        I used to be a PC user since like the well first one came out, I started with a commodore 64, then a Texas instruments and then windows 95 machine, windows 98, windows 2000, all the way to my most recent windows 7 netbook.

        The other day, I bought my first MAC, and man, Let me tell ya, SUPER SWEET!

        I will be using MAC from now on, There is such a huge difference then a PC, and its not just price.

        Now as far as the mac mini, I have never used it , but if its a MAC, its gunna ROCK!

        I was thinking of the MINI mac, but the 15.4 macbookpro is mini enough for me And has more power then ....well forget it , super power.

        Hope this helps

        Heres a picture of me with my new MAC (I am still excited )
        Can you be more specific on why you like the Mac so much after all those years with a PC. Software? Hardware? Viruses?. The reason I ask is that I have often thought of switching to a mac but when I go look at the software section for the Mac at Best Buy or anywhere it is pretty slim. Most developers write programs for the PC and not the Mac. I know some artistic types who use the mac and swear by it and have always wanted to try it.
        On a side note, I had to smile when I see you had a Commodore 64. Man, you go way back!


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          Re: Mac Mini

          I started computing with a Mac Plus in 1987 and then an SE and others till 1995 when windows 95 came out and I changed to a PC and haven't looked back and the reason I changed was the same reason I started with a Mac it had the mouse and ease of use but the Mac had bugger all in programs and that is its weakness program developes go with the PC not the Mac and will always be it weakness just look at Ridgid's new LT1000 laptop seesnake adapter it runs with a Windows computer not with a Mac and the only way it will is in PC mode which makes it a complicated set up.