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Video Mail?? Is it more effective?

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  • Video Mail?? Is it more effective?

    I made this video and then emailed godaddy(The Business)

    Think it will work? I figured with all of today's technology why not send a video

    Here's the story....

    I made A VIDEO to describe something that I would like to see at which is something that I think would make Godaddy’s Affiliate Program way more profitable for both parties(affiliate & consumer) and easier to use as well.

    I call this the “Just Mention Me” referral program.

    I figured if I made a video and explained things Godaddy might take my idea and use it

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    Re: Video Mail?? Is it more effective?

    Gotta love your passion if nothing else.
    Once you become a pickle you can't go back to being a cucumber.


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      Re: Video Mail?? Is it more effective?

      you need to link your video you shot when you chased off the bike robbers

      then they will take you serious

      joseph, i'm glad you know what your doing. i haven't a clue what godaddy does other than have sexy ads on the major sporting events

      phoebe it is