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HTC EVO 4G phone - First Look

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  • HTC EVO 4G phone - First Look

    The Sprint HTC EVO 4G phone is out as of 6/4/2010.
    It's going to give even the new 4G iPhone a run for its money,
    and maybe even take the lead away from the iPhone.

    I've been a WindowsMobile phone user for my last couple phones, one a Motorola (NexTel i355) and the last one the HTC Touch Pro (both for sale if interested).

    The EVO is slightly bigger than the iPhone in width and length, and about ht same in thickness. The 8MP rear camera works great. Haven't played with the front camera yet, it's meant for video conferencing and such.

    With a 1GHz processor its very fast. There are loads (like thousands) of apps just as there is for the iPhone, and I have found so many that are free its crazy.

    Audio quality is good and the screen color and resolution is great.

    If you are on Sprint and have been thinking about switching to AT&T to get the iPhone do yourself a favor and give the EVO a good look over, I think you will like it. And with AT&T changing their rates with the release of the new iPhone, I think it will hurt them. In place of an unlimited plan you buy 'chunks' of data at $15 a shot. When you have reached the end of your allotment you buy another $15 worth. I bet the byte count is strategically placed (based on user research) to ensure that a majority of their users WILL go over the first $15 and into the next block, even if only by a few bytes, thereby ensuring increased income for AT&T.
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    Re: HTC EVO 4G phone - First Look

    No I going to stick with Apple G3 iPhone and will upgrade to the new one when my contract ends with my telco at the end of this year as it is the easest mobile phone to use I have every had and I have had many since 1990 when they really became affordable here.