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  • Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?


    Question for everyone,

    What "Smart Devices" do you own, use, or plan to own in the next 6 month or so?

    For instance,

    • The Iphone / Ipod
    • The Ipad
    • The Blackberry Phone
    • A phone running droid
    • Tablet ( Any brand, lots of new ones on the market )

    I would be interested in hearing what you own or use or plan to buy as a gift for someone this Christmas.

    As a side note: I personally see like 90% of the workforce and most people using something like a tablet or the ipad etc in the next fine years....

    Thanks for all your answers in advance;

    **Note to Josh***

    If you could sticky this post that would be splendid
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    Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?

    first of all welcome back, was wondering where you have been hiding,


    I do use any of the "smart" devices,
    Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers
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      Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?

      Crackberry and i touch


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        Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?



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          Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?

          Pipe Wrenches, Channellocks, Torch, etc. Gotta' be smart to use them right.

          (I'll learn one day...)

          No smart devices used here. I stated in another post that I thought Ipads & similar devices will be a tool the majority of service people will use in the near future.



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            Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?

            I couldn't do without my iPhone I`m waiting till all the wrinkles are ironed out of the iPad before I buy one.



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              Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?

              Me: iPhone 16 GB 3G and 64 GB wifi-only iPad
              Wife: iPhone 16 GB 3GS
              Eldest daughter: 16 GB iPhone 4 (which just this week replaced her 8 GB iPhone 3G)
              Youngest daughter: 8 GB iPod Touch (third generation)

              I may be getting an iPhone 4 after the first of the year to replace the iPhone 3G.


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                Re: Which "Smart" Devices Do you........?

                Andriod phone 16GB internal + 16GB micro SD

                no longer/rarely use: