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  • Picture Resizing Software

    On occasion I have people ask about how to re-size photos. This is the software I have used trouble free for years.
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    Re: Picture Resizing Software

    Oh lordy,
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      Re: Picture Resizing Software

      Nice, but I bet many already have software on their Windows computers which will accomplish the same thing.

      If you have MS Office you should have MS Office Picture Manager as part of the package. If not you can probably go back and install it from the DVD.

      MS also has their free Image Resizer Powertoy for Windows XP. It does not work under Vista but there is another free version available for Vista. I did a post on it in a thread about 3 years ago on how to post photos to the forum.

      The advantage (to me) of the Image Resizer Powertoy and its Vista counterpart is that they both can be quickly enabled with a right-click of the mouse. You can choose to resize w/o overwriting the original or you can replace the original. While the Image Resizer Powertoy does not offer as many options as the pixresizer software Mark talks about here, there are less steps required to quickly resize an image for use in an email or for inclusion in a post here on the forum.

      I like the look and all the output options available using pixresizer, and I will probably download a copy and give it a go.

      Thanks Mark.
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        Re: Picture Resizing Software

        I also use Pixresizer and love it. Sure makes life easier.

        Sometimes people will post pictures on my Forum that are about 47 pages wide and I can shrink them down easily with this little freebee.


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          Re: Picture Resizing Software

          i love photoshop for professionals
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            Re: Picture Resizing Software

            I use Photoshop for resizing also, but mostly for making transparent backgrounds. And that's about the extent of my Photoshop abilities other than cloning.


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              Re: Picture Resizing Software

              Use Picasa or Photoshop to edit picture or re-size it. those are amazing software to change size or any type of modification in pictures.


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                The best free graphics software is Best part is it is absolutely free.