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    I am in the works of using a netbook or laptop to invoice I really like the netbook idea and I'm still going over every little detail about it, will make less work for my wife and I. I read a thread about how to capture a signature on an invoice and I believe I found it. My wife (boss) has been using quickbooks for years now and she inputs all the info into the computer by hand so I think using quickbooks for my invoicing will make the change easier however I feel that a signature on the invoice is very important and by printing 2 invoices at every customers house is not eliminating enough paper work so I did some research and found that with quickbooks you can add an jpeg or pdf attachment to an invoice which the signature device does. Anybody do this and are you happy with it?

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    Re: capturing a signature

    I have been using Quickbooks for over two years now, I don't think there is a way to import a graphic into an invoice from within QuickBooks. Or maybe you can print the Invoice, have them sign it and then use a small scanner to attach a copy to an email.
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