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    After my computer crashed .A friend decided to install windows 7. Turns out my laptop cannot handle 7 and had to reinstall XP . Older Dell latitude w/ docking station .1 measly gig..What a difference.That's the difference between hiring a guy who is retired and plays with pc's for a hobby and a pro.Got all my programs back .Outlook is retrieving my emails , office reinstalled..That was close .I learned a valuable lesson.BACK EVERYTHING UP...Then have a back up for your backups.I was running a maxtore external hard drive..But it had a few issues and corrupted some files .I bought a Seagate to replace it.. I did still loose all my contacts in my outlook..Oh welll, I can rebuild that. The important thing is this little pc is still chugging along.I hated 7 anyhow. Now when this thing crashes againI will deal with it
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    It amazing the only way we learn is when something goes wrong and thats how I learned with my computer years ago when I hadn`t backed up the important data on my computer and my computer crashed and I spent weeks reinstating all the data I lost and everyone telling my after that I should backed up system 7 is great insalled onto a new computer trying to install it on an older computer or updateding from XP you are asking for problems just take the new Windows 8 I wont touch it till I upgrade my computer in a couple of years and by then all the bugs will have been ironed out.