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Canon MX870 Multi Function Printer

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  • Canon MX870 Multi Function Printer

    I bought a Canon inkjet MP870 multi function printer about a month ago replacing another Canon printer I had for five years with no problems but but every time I turn on my computer the printer comes up with an error message "to turn off the printer and turn it back on".
    I returned the printer to the retailler and got another one but the same problem occrued on the new printer canon was no help any suggestions


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    Re: Canon MX870 Multi Function Printer

    The problem is not the printer its the print driver and or old orphaned drivers etc in the windows registry.

    What operating system are you using? Windows, Apple, etc...

    ((Side Note: - I personally have never had good luck with Multi-Function units, ie: printer, scanner, fax etc.. These units require massive drivers to support all the functions and they generally have issues with other software and hardware drivers on a computer. HP for example is notorious for driver issues in multi-function machines. Also when one issue develops with a multi-function machine the unit becomes worthless. For me, both in my company and home environment we buy separate units. IE printer, scanner, etc..))

    Some rules of thumb:

    1. Make sure the drivers you are using are the latest for your printer and your operating system. Don't assume the disc that came with the printer is the latest driver. For all you know the printer could have been made ten months ago, and boxed with a print driver vs. that is two or three vs. behind.

    Check on Canons web site and see if they have a old driver removal utility. A lot of companies make these now to help solve driver install issues.

    2. Go to Canon and get the latest drivers and download them to your hard drive. Don't install them yet.

    3. Delete all your old print drivers from printers you no longer use, and also for the new printer you just installed.

    4. Go to this web site and download this program and install it. Its free. CCleaner. CCleaner - Optimization and Cleaning - Free Download

    PS. Before you use this program make sure you make a Windows Restore Point.

    This program is a great tool at removing all the crapola left over on your computer. When you open the program this is the first window you get. Make sure you check everything off like it shows in this picture from my system, and the run the program. It's going to create a list of all the junk that should be deleted from your computer. Go ahead and delete everything. Do this several times until the window on the right is empty.

    Click image for larger version

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    When your done click on the the tab that says applications and run the program. When the window on the right is clean go back to the windows tab and run it again, until nothing shows up. When your done then go to the left hand column and click on the registry button. When you run this for the first time its going to most likely give you a huge list of stuff to remove. These are all the old orphaned registry entries. When you tell it to delete its going to ask you to create a backup point, say yes and then let it do its thing. You will have to run this a bunch of times until the window on the right is cleaned up.

    When your all done go ahead and restart your computer and then try your driver installation.

    Here is a great example of how F'ed up Windows is. We use XP Pro with all the latest updates on all our computers in our office. I updated our office managers computer the first of the year and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I figured I might as well start updating the operating system because XP has a limited life left on it. Low and behold our HP 4200 Network Laser printer no longer functions with all the bells and whistles when printing from that one computer. No double sided printing, etc... Even though the drivers are the latest, there not adapted yet for the Windows 7 by HP, so things like Dbl Sided printing are missing.

    Good Luck