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    I was wondering what software you guys are using as far as tracking customers, work performed,
    scheduling, ect?

    I am looking for a program that I can put in customers info and the work that was done and quickly search for it when I need it. Also because of the work I do I need something that I can send out yearly reminders and schedule work to be done automatically in a year or two down the road.

    I am using ACT but I just wanted to know if there is a better or easier program that is out.

    Thanks everyone

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    Re: Business software

    I use a program called Filemaker Pro to index all my clients and the beauty of this program is that you can design the layouts yourself I have one layout called clients and fields like first name surname address phone number mobile number and so on the amount of info you want to put in is limitless I even designed a layout for quoting.
    And the best part of Filemaker is that sometimes you can only remember part of a clients name or address or phone number and when you put in what you remember it will find it.

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      Re: Business software

      Business software or business application is also any software and set of software programs that are mostly used by business users to best perform many business functions. These business applications are also used to increase productivity and also measure productivity and to perform business functions accurately.
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        Re: Business software

        pinguy 12.4 (linux) has 4 different time log trackers you can download for it
        pinguy linux is free and easy to use
        the names of the time trackers are as follows:
        gno time tracking tool, ktime tracker, gtimelog time tracker, and hamster projects time tracker
        software for linux is also free
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          Well I'm in the construction industry and perform various contracting work, so we have a lot of different jobs coming in that all cost differently and don't really have a consistent pricing model. If you're looking for something to track customers, work performed, scheduling, etc, you'd prob want a more advanced project management software option. Our company's accounting was a complete mess due to the various pricing levels we'd charge for each job performed, but we switched to more of an "all-in-one" service back in 2011 that handles our accounting, billing, project management, scheduling, etc. I'd recommend writing down what positive attributes you'd like out of your system and move on from there in your search (I'd look into ease of integration, automation, and flexibility like this article on construction billing recommends).


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            The above are very nice and effective and give us clear ideas about the Business Accounting Software. We are getting fine and effective ideas.
            Thanks for discussion.


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              use a program called Filemaker Pro to index all my clients and the beauty of this program
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                Here is a new one that I would love to have used but I have too much info in my old software to move over. Give it a try:


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                  Zoho Creator is also an good option.
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