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New stair stringer layout software for iPad

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  • New stair stringer layout software for iPad

    Hi all, some of you here may be using an app I wrote a few years ago called BalusterPro. My day job in construction has been a little slow as of late so I have had time to write another app I have been thinking about for a while. It is called StairBuilderPro and I think it is a very unique stair stringer layout tool. Basically you enter in all of your variables on the graphical interface and the app plots all of the points on your stringer. All you need to do then is connect these points and cut! No need for a framing square or figuring how much to take off the bottom step. The app also takes into account the different floor covering thickness you may have and subtracts the correct amount off of the bottom of the step...automatically! It is all figured in when your points are plotted. It will also walk you through step by step to plot these points if you have never built a set of stairs before. Currently it is only available on the iPad but I hope to add an iPhone version too in the near future. I think you may find it to be a useful tool. You can search the iTunes store for StairBuilderPro to learn more about it.

    Cheers, Greg