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So what is better Xbox One or Play Station

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    Originally posted by joeytheplumber View Post
    Sounds like a crazy investment for a racing simulator game. I would have taken that couple grand and found something more interesting to do with it. Like 20 trips to the racetrack to drive a numerous amount of cars.
    you want to see crazy investments for gaming , some people on gaming forums purchase top of the line server units filled with 8 or more 6 to 8 terrabyte drives set up on raid1 and as much as 64 gb of ram and 8 core processors for playing those online shootem up games with dual and triple monitor setups.
    many of these people are spending over 10 grand or more and pushing the envelope hard on overclocking.

    and the sad part is they have a lot of talent in programming that could be put to far better uses
    shooting the s*** is a lot more fun when you use hollow points (much more splatter)

    coffee hell gimme booze!!!


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      PS4 is better than all.


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        Originally posted by AFM View Post
        So what is best for my new Racing Car Simulator

        Depends on your preference really. Both consoles have exclusive games and you won't find a lot of difference between the consoles if you aren't a gaming guru. However if you want better graphics and more game options, you could buy a gaming PC which you can use for other things as well. All three platforms have steering wheel and pedals available from different companies.