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  • DeWalt Smartphone Coming Soon

    I saw today that DeWalt will be offering a smartphone built for them by GMC (Global Mobile
    Communications) and bearing the DeWalt brand.

    The model is MD501 and it's tailored toward the construction industry in that it is ruggedly built,
    waterproof to 2m for 30 minutes, drop proof from 2m, and has gorilla glass and wireless charging
    built in.

    The DM501 also has an amplified speaker for better hands free speaker audio in noisy environments
    like those commonly found on construction sites. The DM5012 can also accept two SIM cards so you
    can subscribe to two mobile account using the same phone. You can split your personal number and
    your work number and use the same phone to handle both services. You could even be on different
    carriers, one on each SIM.

    Another interesting maker of rugged phones in Sonim Technologies. They have some phones with
    huge 4800mAH batteries (1000 hour standby, 40 hours of talk time) and plenty of other features
    for those of you needing a very rugged phone. They also offer phones that are intrinsically safe so
    they can be used in hazardous environments.
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    Bob, once you put that big 18volt battery on it becomes impractical😀. I bet they stole this from Ridgid.


    • Bob D.
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      First out wins, doesn't matter who thought it up. I think that's why RIDGID never lets us
      know what's coming; only problem is they are slow to market so lose out in the end. :-(

      The DeWalt 20v batteries are smaller than the RIDGID 18V, so it might not be too bad. :-)

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    I saw a connector that snaps on top of an 18 volt xrp battery and will power up or charge your phone or both I guess. Yes im still using 18 v xrp batteries. Just ordered two brand new ones on ebay for $70 . Looks like im never going to be able to upgrade
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      My past experience with " ruggedized " phones is that you will be sacrificing something. Verizon had one Casio commando. What a nice paperweight . I now have the samsung galaxy note 4 . Other than shattering the camera lens, zero issues. But im looking for a camera cable to hook up to it for looking down drains etc. Anyone have this yet???
      ''Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Benjamin Franklin


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        Ok , I pulled the trigger on the 10m deal. Will leave reviews after I get it. Already downloaded the app for my note 4
        ''Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy" Benjamin Franklin