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Time to Change Your Passwords

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  • Time to Change Your Passwords

    Recently, the man who came up with the scheme for creating passwords using crazy letter/number combinations along with special characters admitted that it was all wrong and we should change to a system that is much easier to humans to remember but much more difficult for computers to crack.

    If you look at the image below you will see the difference and why it's easier for us and more difficult for computers. He also said you really don't need to change passwords periodically. But since he was wrong 30 years ago should we believe him now??
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    The absolutely essential thing with passwords is NOT to use the same password on more than one site. I made that mistake a few years ago and one of sites that I duplicated my password was hacked. So, they got my password and though that site was nothing more than a hobby site, the passwork just happened to be the same one I used for my AOL signin and email account. It didn't take much for them to see if my e-mail sign-in to the hobby site and with the hobby site password they just tried to see if I was dumb enough to use it on my AOL account... I WAS!

    So, the following morning I got a call from my son, "Hey DAD, you trying to tell me something?" "I just got a e-mail from you telling me I needed Viagra" We laughed and I quickly changed my password, but by then about 30 people on my top e-mail list got similar e-mail ads. Fortunately all of those e-mails were sitting in my "Send" box and I was able to follow-up quickly with an explanation and apologies. Good thing my attorney and his secretary have a good sense of humor. Fortunately all my clients at the time were kept in a completely separate directory.

    I use fairly simple passwords, but frankly there is no way I can remember them all. I keep a physical (paper) log book. The one thing I will not do is let Google (or any other program) remember my passwords in order to auto-fill.