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CDT (Cross-device Tracking)

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  • CDT (Cross-device Tracking)

    Ever heard of cross-device tracking. It's been around for a while.
    Pretty underhanded way to track what you are doing or watching.

    What I find unacceptable is the use of inaudible sounds generated
    in a TV ad being picked up by your smartphone which relays the
    information back to the advertiser so they can track who saw the
    ad, how long they watched, what day, time, channel, etc.
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    I don't like it, the right to absolute privacy is probably the only thing I agree with the EU on. Business loves it, friends I have in business think it's a marvelous idea that will help them pitch products. It reeks of big brother.

    if you happen to watch recently a tv segment how we are getting targeted advertisements tailored specifically to our likes and dislikes meaning the art work, music, message is different from that of our neighbors (assuming they get targeted), it's unsettling and I think the use and application of information is getting to a point where it's getting out of control.

    This insight was gained by tracking our searches. We've all seen it, looking at replacing a sink? next thing you know your getting mailers from the local kitchen appliance dealers. Windows?, mailers from Pella or Sierra. Tires, discount tire mailers and it's all sort of unseemly and disturbing.

    Interestly the younger members of the extended family don't seem that bothered by it.

    I think Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and the others while seeming innocent enough can be used for things that probably would bother us if we new.

    i have no need for Alexa or Siri, my smart tv isn't hooked up to the web, I don't have a smart thermostat and don't plan on doing any type of home automation that requires connection to the web. Don't get me wrong I think cool stuff but it's not a trade that's worth it to me.

    No doubt ever since 911 tracking people just seemed logical, smart and right thing to do. And it is,...until its you being tracked.

    i have a friend in the business, when he meets potential clients his staff brings all available information related to his client in order to have leverage, it's crazy. This isn't information available to the rest of us.