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SR-20/SR-60 serial port and GPS integration

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  • SR-20/SR-60 serial port and GPS integration

    We have a number of SR-60 and SR-20 locators that we've been using for years. I'm finally getting around to trying to integrate GPS into our locating and trying to capture depth. I've seen a couple of people have managed to pull that information out of the serial port, but I haven't found any specific information on commands or baud rates. Anyone out there have knowledge that they would be willing to share?

    Thanks in advance


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    Well, I've gotten a little farther. I determined that the baud rate had to be 19,200 8N1. I can at least now get a response when I turn the unit on, "Hi there, I'm version 45". Now to try to find any commands to get any response.


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      Interesting, but I which GPS do you figure to connect that will provide enough elevation accuracy to be of much use. Most civilian GPS units (except for survey grade unit costing big bucks) are not very accurate for elevation. The resolution even with 8 or more satellites in view is still +/- a few FEET. Doesn't seem good enough for locating work.

      I'll be watching this thread as I'd love to be able to capture GPS data with my SR-20.
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        There are a couple of units that have come out with higher accuracy. I'm looking at the Reach units ( at the moment. There are also significantly less expensive relative RTK solutions that I could integrate into a Raspberry Pi or even smaller board.