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    Hi, I am new to the forum and have just purchased a RIGID R4331 Thickness Planer, and I am planning a portable table for the planer and my miter saw. I am hoping someone using the sketch app would have a detailed drawing of the R4331 planer that you could share with me in dwg or PDF format. I use ProgeCAD for my designs. The table I am planning to build is in the idea stage, and will be steel tube framed with a flip top, so the planer will be on one side and the miter saw on the other. Using steel tube will allow me to have extensions on both sides with an adjustable roller for in-feed and out-feed.

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    You say "the sketch app", do you mean the RIDGID Sketch app? Or one of the 47 thousand other sketch apps out there.

    There are dozens of flip top stands out there to buy plans for or get your design ideas from if you building a stand for yourself. A structural engineer should have no trouble whipping up a simple plan for a small table like you ask about.

    Probably one of the nicest stands is by Drew Fisher. Look for his YouTube channel under the name Fisher's Shop. Or just search YT for flip top tool stand. Or do a Google search for 'free flip top tool stands'. Maybe you'll get lucky.

    Not much happening on this forum as far as plans to share. I am probably into CAD more than most of the regulars and I never post plans or designs here.
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