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  • SUPER sucker vac

    Round about ten years ago my foreman got the good idea to ruin my shop vac by using it to suck out loose dirt and clumps of dirt from footings we had dug for a soon to be inspected foundation that kept getting refilled. It worked great but my vac was never the same.

    The good part of this story is I convinced my boss to replace my vac since I was a measly $10/hr guy and I was introduced to the ridgid line of vacs. Never looked back.

    My idea is a super sucker that would be made with that app in mind, maybe even with a digging head? Prolly exists already.
    A good carpenter makes few mistakes, a great carpenter can fix his own.

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    Re: SUPER sucker vac

    Have you ever seen cloth bags that fit over cartridge filters for when you need to suck up nasty stuff? Please take a look here and while it might take a little work to use one on a Ridgid shop vac, I'm sure it could be done with a little handy work. This fits over their cartridge filter which the second link will take you to. Ridgid has nice vacs, but they need to really work harder on filters and accessories.

    Both can be washed out in a washtub or such. Water must flow from the inside out. Then soak both in a pail of warm water and dishwashing detergent for a few minutes and rinse again. In both cases that water needs to flow from the inside outwards. When clean and rinsed, hang up to dry.

    I don't currently have a Ridgid brand vac to try the bag on to see if it will fit over their filter, but it might, or someone that sews might be able to alter one to get it to work.


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      Re: SUPER sucker vac

      No kidding,

      Just recently I saw a general using his shop vac for the very same thing.I guess with the depths of the footings and all the steel required you seem to be on to something.

      And I thought the guy was nuts.Guess lunch is on me now.