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Lightweight Lithium tools.

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  • Lightweight Lithium tools.

    I posted this in another thread but I didn't want it to get lost.

    Ridgid really needs a lightweight lithium toolset.

    Start with a little drill/driver and impact driver. 14.4V is plenty. Shoot for sub-3 pound weight. Benchmark Panasonic's and Makita's small tools.

    Don't forget ergonomics, like rubberized grips, LED worklight and onboard storage.

    Things you can leave off: hammer drill, depth stop, and anything else that adds weight and bulk.

    You will sell a ton of them.

    Some other lightweight tools to look at with set.

    Rotary tool...similar to Rotogrip...slightly bigger than dremel. Include a right angle attachment.

    Small reciprocating/sabre saw. For small places. Don't think wrecking...think hole cutting and pipe trimming.

    Right angle impact driver...again think reach in small places...similar to your current 12V.

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    Re: Lightweight Lithium tools.

    They sure would be nice additions to the lineup. The big monster cordless tools are a PITA to use for hours. Lighter weight and smaller tools would be soooooooo handy for the lighter work. Let's hole they are reading this and wake up.


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      Re: Lightweight Lithium tools.

      I agree. I was told that the average age in the trades is 50, and this was a few years ago. I don't know if it is true and I'm too lazy to look it up but I will tell you that my joints feel older than they should already and any lightweight tools would be sought after. The smaller the better.
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        Re: Lightweight Lithium tools.

        They could copy the Bosch 3-cell 10.8volt series. Or even make them a 4-cell (14.4) li-ion tool series.

        Don't forget the flashlight. It sure is nice to be able to pull out a light with your tool to work under a cabinet etc. in a dark spot without having to run and hunt one.
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