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Radio, Vac, and other XLi suggestions

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  • Radio, Vac, and other XLi suggestions

    First of all, is there at all any serious information on a Ridgid Radio?! How long is the R&D department going to take on this one? I guess we will have to hope for a Christmas release.

    I was wondering when am I going to be able to purchase the XLi cordless vac in Canada? I have checked HD numerous times yet nothing.

    Is there any word on a possible cordless right angle drill? Ridgid supports us plumbers with a plethora of tools. A cordless right angle drill is exactly what a plumber needs to drill in those tight spots.

    A worklight/charger for the XLi batteries would be a great addition to the tool line. One comparible to the DeWalt XRP model.

    Last, is there any chance Ridgid will sell XLi single tools with a battery and charger instead of of just on their own? $250 CDN at HD is a little steep for just a battery and charger with no tool. I recently purchased the 4 piece XLi set and would like to pick up the jigsaw and impact driver but would rather wait till they are offered with at least a battery.

    Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks!