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    I really want to see a good well designed and made cordless hedge trimmer and not one powered by a skrrreeeeeaaaaming little 2 cycle engine.

    Black & Decker had one about 25-30 years ago that wasn't bad other than limited run time. Keeping it in mind and the major advances in cordless tools (batteries, chargers motors and more), there's no good reason why a good power tool company can't make one. Just take a Little Wonder corded model and work from it for a nice design.
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      Originally posted by Velosapien View Post
      So basically make every single tool every single manufacturer makes, plus a few more

      Of all those one of the most handy is actually the most simple. The flourescent cordless lamp. It's the one tool that I use for EVERYTHING. I still don't understand why only Dewalt and Makita make them. These should be standard on all kits. They are far more usefull than the standard flaslight.
      I am a Ridgid convert, but CRAFTSMAN 19.2V has a cordless flourescent light...and I still use it to this day.


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        Originally posted by canucksartech View Post
        Da da da daaaaaaaaaaaaa!

        I now give you.....THE LIST of HEAVENLY CORDLESS TOOLS:
        1. Ridgid Garage/Shop/Jobside RADIO-slash-CD player. 'Big unit, charger capability, can also work on 18/24 volt batteries (corded/cordless). Nuf said (but, the oldest post that I see about this is from 4 years ago - holy Pete, Ridgid!!!! What's the freakin' delay - can't you tell that you have a huge market out there that's drooling for this item?!?!).
        2. MaxSelect 18/24 volt weedwhacker. (this item might be nice to have a shaft setup similar to other manufacturer's [Ryobi] so that you can use different attachments [blower, tiller, edger, etc.]).
        3. MaxSelect 18/24 volt hedgetrimmer.
        4. MaxSelect 18/24 volt cordless chainsaw (similar to the Makita or B&D ones, but slightly longer, with a 10 to 14 inch bar length - the Ryobi one has an appealing design).
        5. MaxSelect 18/24 volt hand-held dustbuster-style vacuum.
        6. MaxSelect 18/24 volt small & portable AM/FM radio.
        7. Hanger attachments (similar to the Ryobi hangers which clip in to the spot where the battery would be on the tool). Something so we can hang our tools on the pegboard in our shops - and display them proudly, rather than having them bang around in a big toolbox drawer.
        8. AC/DC power adapter system, to convert 18/24 volt MaxSelect battery operated units, to corded power. (I know that this is one thing that people are especially ho-hum about, but people like myself, who only buy cordless tools due to their convenience, would appreciate this and would definitely buy it, due to always having the availability of corded power when needed for a particularly tough and/or long task).
        9. Mini-impact driver (lithium-ion possibly, unknown voltage, similar to the Bosch pocket driver [PS20, I think?]).
        10. A MaxSelect 18/24 volt version of the flashlight - one that can be bought separately, and not part of a kit. Also, it might be advantageous to do this with a high-output high-wattage LED bulb, and set it up more like a contractor's floor light flood-light. That'd be sweeeeeeeet.
        11. Battery storage case for 18/24 volt batteries. To securely hold between 2 to 5 batteries (of any type/size), and to possibly be sold in a small combo with:
        12. Ridgid universal charger - to charge all types (NiCad and LI), and all voltages (9.6 up to 24 volts), dual port. And for this, set it up with some sort of a little beeper tone that goes off for a second or two once your battery is done charging to let you know (set up to beep when the LED initially goes on steady green once the charge cycle is done).
        13. MaxSelect 18/24 volt metal/tin snips/cutter.
        14. MaxSelect 18/24 volt winch/come-along, similar to the Warn PullzAll tool.
        15. Some sort of filter bags that will work on the 6 gallon Wet/Dry vacs that have been flying off the shelves at HD. The hose intake is at the top, rather than on the front of the barrel, so normal shopvac bags won't work - it needs something that works in conjunction with the filter somehow.
        16. MaxSelect 18/24 volt cordless fan and/or air filtration/circulation unit (with Hepa filter, of course, etc., etc.).
        17. MaxSelect 18/24 volt zipsaw/dremel tool/rotary cutter.
        18. Maybe even a small little MaxSelect 18/24 volt mouse sander, or a 1/4" sheet sanded (it might be overkill to use a 24 XLi battery on a little sander, but having the power versatility might be useful for some people).
        19. A MaxSelect 18/24 volt compressor/inflator (similar to the Ryobi P730). It might not necessarily be useful for using it on larger framing jobs with a pneumatic nailer, but having a small compressor available to you is very handy - I'd get one to use for cleanup in my garage, inflating the kids' bike tires, etc.).
        20. A myriad of other cordless MaxSelect 18/24 volt tools, to catch up with, and match, that which other companies such as DeWalt and Ryobi currently have on the market. For example: cutoff tool, left and right handed versions of the circular saw, a flurescent tube worklight version of a flashlight, cordless nailer (brad/finish/framing/roofing), rotary laser level system, etc.
        21. Maybe a 48 volt (2 x 24 volt LI battery packs) battery operated lawnmower - down the line, once the preceeding stuff has been taken care of. Many that are coming out right now are this voltage and run very well (ie - Neuton, B&D, Cub Cadet, etc.).
        Cheers. CanuckSARTech.
        #8 OH PALEEEEEZ RIDGID! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE #8!!!!! The adapter would be Heavensent! I would buy one without a thought of cost! The 24V does have PLENTY of power, but man it would be cool just to have to option! I think I am salivating...


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          An adapater making your cordless tools corded is a simple task, however if Ridgid comes out with a true 3.0 or 3.5 lithium ion battery for the 18 volt nicad tools you would have longer run times at full power with only a switch to fresh battery to get you going again. High AH lithium ion batteries really do end the need for corded tools. The future is here, now we just need Ridgid to join in and be a part of it. Come on, stop playing games and sell the 3.0 0r higher AH lithium battery which will fit our current 18 volt nicad tools. Don't drag your feet and have Dewalt slap you in the face with a battery and charger that will do just that. Time's running out, I'm sure they are close to selling just such a battery.