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    When doing a change out in HVAC..we usaly...almost always if its a R-410a system, have to run a new line set. Thats a suction line (3/4 up to 1 1/8") Liquid line (3/8") 3/4" pvc drain line and t-stat wire. The way people I've worked with do it is tuck the liquid line into the suction line...crimp, braze end shut....then put a 45 on the pvc tuck the t-stat wire into it...tape end closed (prevent water..dirt from getting in)....tape the whole mess togher at the end.....then the fun part..pushing it throught a 4" chase pipe to the airhandler. short runs under 20 ft say from outside the grage to an airhandler inside the grage is not a major pain....but when u get 50 or 75ft sucks....and a 75ft run with 1 1/8 inch copper requires 4 guys...3 pushing one pulling on a rope feed thought the chase....and 1 thing u dont want to do is Kink the copper...big kink and its junk.

    The big problem is the 45's at one or both ends of the chase....that big mess dont want to got to slam it at the 45...1 2 3 push..pull back 123 push...until it does.....not fun

    Same goes with pulling the copper "over head" ie in the attic....major pain....1 guy crawls to the eves ....and spends a week covered in fiberglass..other guy (generaly change outs are a 2 man job)..feeds the copper up....accross the attic..then down.

    I'd love to see some kind of powered tubeing puller....small tri-pod or quad pod...with a 110volt winch type set up....feed cable through when pulling old copper out....hook cable to the new stuff....let it pull the tubeing while guy outside feeds it into the chase.... hard to vind a 110v winch..most are set up for 4x4 12volt...and not ment to be a pulling 75ft of cable.....

    I think it would save a lot of hurting HVAC installers...bent up copper and such. Plus look better to the customer than a few guys cussing and fussing trying to get the copper throught the chase.

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    Re: Tubeing Puller

    Look into wire pullers...
    They make cable pullers for electricians already - could use one of them possibly...


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      Re: Tubeing Puller