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  • Ridgid Scroll Saw

    I understand that Ridgid used to make one, but it would be nice to have a new Ridgid Scroll Saw that competes with the Dewalt DFW788. I really like the Dewalt 20" scroll saw and all, but it would be nice to have the Ridgid quality - and the service agreement...!


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    Re: Ridgid Scroll Saw

    try flea bay, i have not seen that saw in years
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: Ridgid Scroll Saw

      I haven't seen that saw except in some old Ridgid advertisements and a bit of research with Google. It was a 16-inch as I recall and from what info I could find, it was model # 16501. It appears that when Ridgid licensed the new line of "orange" tools to TTI, the scroll saw was not introduced with the Ridgid name on it.

      However, at about the same time it was introduced as an 18-inch, variable speed under the Ryobi brand name (Model SC180-VS). The two are somewhat close in design, with an elongated table, similarly shaped arm and lower motor housing and base. The Ryobi model was slightly greater in capacity at 18" instead of 16" and the motor speed control was moved up from the lower right side (on the motor housing) to the upper left of the overhead arm. I believe the motor size was increased slightly, and some other enhancements made, like the teflon coating of a somewhat larger table. It was priced at $179.00.

      For whatever reason the saw was only on the shelves about a year when it was dropped. I am under the impression that it was too much in competition with the higher priced Dremel, which Home Depot still sells. I bought the Ryobi SC180-VS in Dec. 2003, when it was on close-out. That was the same Christmas season when Home Depot gave a 20% discount on power tools. I got the SC180-VS for a final price of $79.20, out the door!

      Last year (late 2006, actually), this saw showed up in Craftsman red and black and is listed as model # 21609 ( ).

      I've examined this particular saw and compared it to my Ryobi and I can find nothing different, except that it now includes a foot-pedal switch, which is sort of neat, I guess. It is currently priced at $179.99.

      I really don't know how popular either the Ryoib or Craftsman versions are. Certainly they are priced on the lower end of the scale and serious scrollers probably look for something on the higher end. While I've had this saw for awhile, I haven't had much time to play with it, with so much work to do on the future home. With the minor "playing" that I have done with it though, it appears to be a pretty nice tool. There is some vibration of course because it's a reciprocating tool, but overall it's comparitively smooth (at least in comparison to the Dremel which a friend of mine has). At about 1300 rpm, the vibration seems most evident in the segmented blower/light, but it appears to be only at that speed. I suspect it's a "resonant at length" thing, as both below and above that speed the vibration is greatly reduced. Other than that, I have no complaints and overall, it was one heckuva bargain!

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        Re: Ridgid Scroll Saw

        Well, I just received my Dewalt Scroll Saw from Lowes (special order - and the best price I've seen for a new one!)

        The fit and finish are GREAT and it is, hands down, the most quiet scroll saw I have ever had the pleasure of using so far. Vibration is almost negligible!

        I did have a bit of trouble getting the blade perfectly squared to the table, but Dewalt's customer service (which is still US based - thank GOD) was extremely helpful. They sent a few new parts free of charge and I have been good to go since then. I sure wish I could get that kind of support from SO many other manufactures - for any number of goods, not just power tools!

        Would I consider a comparable Ridgid 20" scroll saw in the future, should one ever be made again? It's possible. I like the Ridgid brand thus far, but I do not have first hand experience with their customer support. Although that time may come soon as I will soon be needing to call them about the Ridgid 12" sliding compound miter saw I have (and REALLY like) since the motor seems unhappy of late.