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Accessories for angle grinder or buffer.

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  • Accessories for angle grinder or buffer.

    I have been working on getting some flooring tools, sanders and looking at a undercut saw,

    In my location buying for some things is a better option than renting as the nearest rental is nearly 50 miles away, and by the time one takes the time and fuel and wear and tear on a car, and the rental into consideration buying is not a lot more and may even be cheaper on some items.

    I guess what I do not under stand with some of the major tool companies, is that specialty companies buy angle grinders and add a attachment to them and they become a undercut saw, or jamb saw,

    for a edger, I made a addition for my buffer, with caster wheels on it to hold the angle and it bolts on to the buffer via the auxulary handle threaded holes, one could have used where the guard would attach as well, but for my purpose using the other was easier,

    one could easily make a simple kit to make an angle grinder into an under cut saw to attach to and angel grinder, so the cost and quality of the power unit was improved, and affordable to DIYer or even to the flooring industry,

    one based on a 4 1/2" grinder,
    one based on a larger grinder,
    and there are other companies out there as well, that are making a similar product, It would be nice to be able to get one to use with existing equipment one owns or to have (my guess a more quality tool to begin with,
    as the amperage on the large unit is only Amperage: 8.15.

    jsut something to consider.
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