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Pneumatic Line Lacking.

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  • Pneumatic Line Lacking.

    I really like the Ridgid Pneumatic tools I got, I have all but the headless pinner and Coil Framing nailer. But, there is some gaping holes in the Ridgid Pneumatic line up. The following nail guns are missing, and are really needed to fill out the Ridgid line. I am sick of the "green" tools I have to buy to fill out the line up, I want orange as they are much better if you ask me.

    -Coil Siding Nailer, and it has to be around $300 or so, 400+ for the Hitachi is highway robbery. I would buy this the day it hit the shelf. Make it capable of shooting 3" nails too if possible, would be a HUGE selling point.

    -7/16" x 2" (16ga) Medium Crown Staple Gun. I already own a Hitachi model, but would rather have a Ridgid one, with a selectable trigger setting, and easy depth adjustment. The Hitachi you have to break out an allen wrech to change the depth, and the trigger cant be changed without tearing the entire gun appart and buying a 30 dollar part in addition to get single fire...

    There is a few more I am sure that are missing... feel free to add them!

    Come on Ridgid... I have been patiently waiting for years....