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  • RIDGID pump pliers

    years back i owned a pair of these pliers (if i say "owned a plier", doesn't sound right), these adjustable pliers had a groove to accecpt a guide bolt/nut and a thick metal strap that held the 2 halves together.

    i can attest to these adjustable plier(s) by RIDGIDtm and say that they were the best knuckle savers i ever came across. they ("it" doesn't sound right), did not slip out out adjustment when applying extreme force, like the typical tongue and groove design i've grown to hate.

    apparently somebody else liked them more than i did. this is the reason i'm looking to buy the same kind.

    i can't find them in the ridgid website. do they still make them?

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    Re: RIDGID pump pliers

    today i was looking at what i think your talking about online, i had been told about these by a plumber, i know of one supplier that carries them near where i live. there are what looks to be the same thing made by stanley and channel locks about 25$ canadian, not sure if those ones are good however. u may have to order them online the site i was on is called "tooled-up" its all shipped from europe and the good "pump pliers" are made by a german company known as "KNIPEX" look for knipex cobra or knipex aligator . i was warned that these pliers are notoriously stolen by envious co-workers. they are a bit pricey for pliers but im told they are worth their weight in gold and are so well engineered you could use them in place of a 14" pipe wrench. would be nice to see ridgid make a pair of their own
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