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Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

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  • Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

    I've been working on Commercial sites for just over two years now. My idea for a new tool is Close Quarters Copper Cutters for up to 2". There are many instances at work where your only option is to Sawzall your pipe. That we all know turns our pipe into crap. Close Quarter cutters for up to 2" would be really good. I know a lot of plumbers that would purchase them

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    Re: Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

    the best large scale close quarters copper cutter i have is a toss up between the 4 wheel muffler/ tailpipe cutter or the multi wheel chain type cutter.

    both are great for close quarters, but suck when it comes to turning the cutting burr down.

    since there are no tracking rollers, the wheels create a burr both inside and outside. this require an inner and outer reamer.

    great if you are trying to cut the pipe off in a tight situation. lousy if you are trying to fab the pipe back together.

    my 1'' capacity close quarters cutter from sears is the best one i have. this is a ratcheting cutter. too bad it doesn't come in 1.25''-2''.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

      How about developing a close quarters cutter where you put a housing with wheels & rollers on the pipe, and then you turn a socket drive/socket which spins the wheel & rollers around the pipe, with a 5/16" socket connection so you could use your average nut driver or socket drive with 5/16 socket. . This could be for extra tight places where even turning a regular set of mini cutters might be tough. And all you have to do is just place the socket nut in the right place to turn it while the housing sits in the pipe. And have a set for smaller pipes e.g. 1" and less, and a set for 1 1/4"-2" as was stated above.


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        Re: Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

        Someone does make a 2" close cutter. Can't remember who(I think wheeler rex) but I know for sure Black Book of Tools sells it.
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          Re: Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

          wheeler rex makes one , i use mine for cutting copper stubs for trap adapters under vanities alot better than using my old cheese cutter


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            Re: Close Quarters Copper Cutters 1 1/4 "- 2"

            In mind is a pipe cutting bits that assemble on to the pipe, then with a 90 degree extension you rotate the cutters. Think of is as a way to cut 1/2" pipe, one foot inside of a 2" pipe. You work the cutters along side the pipe, instead of the usual right angle.

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