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  • Msuv

    I bought the MSUV and the 12" sliding miter saw. The saw was on sale for 350.00 and the stand 99.00 so I had to go for it. The mounting carriage bolts that came with the MSUV are 1.5" and are too long. They prevent the miter saw from functioning by sticking up and stopping the table from turning left and right. Conveniently, the MSUV came with 4 extra carriage bolts in addition to the 4 that had the nuts, lock washers, and flat washers. The thing is that they are also 1.5" long. I think fasteners that are designed for the product should be included.

    Also, the mounting clamps limit the big saw fence to the middle of the table. The nice wide rollers are then used only half the width possible. Cutting counter tops, multiple fence boards etc becomes unsupported. I would actually not necessarily fix this because the offset weight of a 70lb saw could tip over the MSUV. I would make horizontal adjustment to the stops possible, but further offset to the saw to get the fence out of the middle sure would be nice also.
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