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snake just for tub clogs

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  • snake just for tub clogs

    I'd make a snake just for tub clogs, very small cable and with a hook/s that expands, like the cable pick up tool use auto mechanics use.

    3 or four fingers expand outwards, from inside the cable, this then grabs onto the hair and then pulls out with the cable. Pulls, not spins out.

    Spinning the cable should be at a minimum as the cable is too thin and will kink and bend, but, as thin as it is, you don't need to give it that much spin and it is thin enough to make the turns and bends. So small that the standard hook is useless, this is the reason for the expanding hooks.

    I'll take the standard 10% profit of sales.
    I have met a lot of stupid professionals.
    I have met a few smart DIYs
    I'd rather be a DIY, as I have already proven to outsmart and outperform most so called professionals.