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Short self feed bits or auger bits

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  • Short self feed bits or auger bits

    It would be nice if someone could make a shorter self feed or auger bit for drilling holes in wood. Something that with that small section of your average keyed chuck, would give you the capaibility to drill through no more than 2 studs. This would really help fit your average right angle drill into tighter locations between studs and joists potentially. Or perhaps a system by where the bit itself is relatively short but extensions are readiliy available to get it back up to the average length, longer lengthes, etc. Also make it serviceable like the MIlwaukee switchblades as an example.

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    Re: Short self feed bits or auger bits

    they're out there. Irwin and others make them.
    I've seen paddle bits with 2" shanks designed to get you in between studs without having to angle the drill.
    Auger bits I have not seen but ehy can probably be had, check out Greenlee for Electrician's bits. They have their full catalog online as a PDF you can download.
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      Re: Short self feed bits or auger bits

      I just bought the milwaukee auger bits (like the switch blade but not them) in 1 1/2" and 2" with the 12" and 6" extensions. These are the handiest things for getting inside of joist. Kind of pricey but they worked great.