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    One of the deciding factors when I bought my 4pc combo kit was the charger.I got one of the dual chargers.I went to home depot this weekend to buy some more batteries of course I looked at all the new stuff.I didnt see anything that came with a dual charger no seperate dual chargers.Are they no longer made? I like the dual charger but a charger that would do 4 batteries would be even better.I know the chargers charge quick but some of us (hope I'm not the only one) really go through some batteries.Single chargers are a pain for heavy users its a hassle to carry a half dozen chargers just to keep charged batteries.

    Even the dual chargers are twice as good as a single charger put it on the shelf & I'll buy

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    Re: battery chargers

    They show the dual charger on the Ridgid site but it is for NiCad, I was wondering if they are going to make one for LithIon batteries, I have four LiIon tools and a single charger slows me down. ( I really don't want to have to buy three or four chargers and run cords all over the place at different factories.)
    I know you are not supposed to carge on a NiCad charger.

    Are they planning a dual LiIon charger?????