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  • SeeSnake Recording?

    Don't know if you already have it but separate audio track recording would be good.

    Like if you're making a music recording. You could make your video on site then take the video to the office & audio it if necessary. I know it can be done onsite but it doesn't sound good to hear "dammit, I'm stuck! Oh, ok now it's going again."


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    Re: SeeSnake Recording?

    jc, i had a job where the microphone didn't work.

    very simple. took the tape home, connected it to a different vcr video in and connected the audio in to my new microphone.

    i just re-narrated the new copy of the tape.

    i use to use a wireless mic so i could be free to move. the battery was low and it was too sketchy.

    the built in hands free mic is good for picking up all the conversation, including the ones with the owners. makes it easy to tape the recommendations to the customer.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: SeeSnake Recording?

      What happened to the old VCR's that had the DUB button on them where you could narrate right over the video as it played.
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