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  • the perfect tool

    OK Ridgid here is your challenge:

    After reading all the various reviews and comments regarding the power tools both positive, negative, and indifferent I challenge you to design the "PERFECT TOOL"!

    It must have the following parameters:

    1. run for 12 hours on a single 18VDC battery charge
    2. Develop the torque to 120ftlbs
    3. weigh 12oz or 16oz with the battery
    4. cut a 4x4 within 20 seconds
    5. drill 4" holes into concrete in 30 seconds
    6. have a spot light on it so it can be used on a moonless night
    7. plunge cut 2" and no kick back
    8. absorb any saw dust or debris
    9. can be operated by a blind person
    10. easy to find within a messy tool bag
    11. offer free bits for the lifetime of the tool
    12. variable speed
    13. have the noise it makes adjustable to fit the user's mood
    14. offer a lifetime warranty
    15. sell it for 19.95 plus shipping and handling
    16. get Billy Mayes to hauk it on late night TV
    and finally ..make it impossible to be used unsafely

    I'd buy one, maybe two and give it to the folks here that do not use their tools safely
    or take the time to understand the limits of the tools they use!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: the perfect tool

    I'm afraid that shipping and handling would be in the thousands! Would it be part of a kit or sold separately? Could it be charged on the older nicad charger?


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      Re: the perfect tool

      Add changeable "shells" so that the color coordinated crowd can match their existing sets. Probably wouldn't hurt to also have one with flames on it, and maybe a Harley Davidson version,too.

      Also, it must be totally biodegradable, made of "organic" materials, last for at least 50 years, contain no toxic chemicals known to cause cancer in California, not cause trauma to any animals in the vicinity when in use, and include a bluetooth MP3 player. The charger needs to be solar or wind-powered


      By Jove, I think we are on the way to a government Mil-Spec!!
      Practicing at practical wood working


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        Re: the perfect tool

        Made in America!
        Professional (retired) firefighter. Amateur everything else I try to do...