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  • Charging the future

    This might seem a little futuristic and Trekish but its actually more of a Back to the Future thing since Tesla was the one who first proposed this I believe.

    Cordless recharging of battery operated tools is the next jump in technology.

    It's coming very soon to other battery gadgets like cell phones, iPods, digital cameras, etc. They are working on everything from kitchen appliances to laptops to wall size LCD and plasma TVs and even a whole house "wired" so to speak with this. No more wires or power receptacles in the walls they claim.

    RIDGID should jump in and partner with Powermat to get the cordless tool market locked up, even if they don't use it right away, get the exclusive license for cordless power tools and then work out a time frame to introduce it into future generation tools.

    Of course for consumers there is a down side to this. If one company owns the rights to using the technology in a particular marketing area they can take their good old time about rolling it out, because they would have no competition unless a similar technology was developed in parallel that did not infringe on the patent rights of the first.
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    Re: Charging the future

    They could take sweet time rolling it out, but they could use that time to get everything right.

    Interesting idea.


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      Re: Charging the future

      i bet that is gonna be real pricey and if it is i dont think it will be worth it