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    Here is a great tool idea:

    When you introduce a new tool, you need to get it out there in the store else no one will know its available or be able to buy it.

    Case in point: The R2401 was introduced how long ago, 6 months at least I think, maybe a year ago. It is still not on the shelf in any of the three HDs in my area. They are still stocking the R2400 and no one I've asked knows anything about the newer model.

    At the same time some the bean counters in China and Ohio are on the phone with each other wondering why the R2401 is not selling after they listened to user feedback and all the improvements they made over the R2400.

    R2400 ---------------------------- R2401
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    Re: Tool Idea

    still waiting for the rick-60 to hit the shelves.

    got 3 of them in stock here

    maybe the guys at the roundup will get a sneak peek at it next week

    phoebe it is