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Contractor tool bags sold seperately

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  • Contractor tool bags sold seperately

    I love my tool bag that came with my 18v drill and saw combo but it's way too small to fit the drill, saw, charger, plus all my bits and blades. It would be great if Ridgid sold them seperately in different sizes to fit different people's needs. I know other companies already make a variety of tool bags but I'm very proud to own these Ridgid tools and would prefer that they stay in a bag with the company name on it. With the free advertising that would come with it I would think it would be a no brainer. Also, it would be nice if Ridgid would include a voucher for a free hat or shirt with every combo kit.

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    Re: Contractor tool bags sold seperately

    You can buy the bags on Ebay from several sellers . Ive bought 6 of them in different sizes for great prices.