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    I think you should have a monthly promotion throughout your various lines.

    You don't have to give the world away, but enough of a "throwaway incentive" to keep things moving in the lines.

    Buy this, get x amount of sawblades.
    Buy that, get a sweatshirt.
    Buy the other, get a free wrench, or the new PTEC cutter.

    Still say RidgidConnect should come free for 1 year with any SeeSnake purchase. Will end up a win-win for you.

    (Coming after your job Wyatt. )

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    Re: Monthly Promotion...

    We are looking at some models to support a longer "free" experience with RIDGIDConnect. It gets a little hairy trying to figure out what to do if you buy 2 cameras for a user or if your company requires more users than a basic account.

    I would love ideas for how to better reward a RIDGID cutomer as they sign up for RIDGIDConnect, we would love to hear them.

    Right now, we are doing our best to build tight integrations from the RIDGID tool's you buy with RIDGIDConnect to provide the best user expierience. If you are already using SeeSnake HQ, you will notice that you can send a report you create in the field directly to RIDGIDConnect once you find the Network. Expect things like this to save you time from more tools moving forward.
    Justin Daw
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