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  • 2 Cool Tools

    OK, I have yet to have them here but I ordered them this evening....

    1. pocketweez it's $25.00 but it looks like the best solution for

    2. A new drill doctor drill bit sharpener that sharpens spade bits!
    Amazon has the best price at $99.95 and free shipping.
    Go to the drill doctor website to view their video.
    I already have the drill doctor 750 and their 400 I have not
    purchased drill bits in over 5 years...well if I don't have the size I
    need then I'll buy a new bit.

    I do have a lot of dull spade bits I was almost going to toss until
    I saw their new sharpener! This will be well worthwhile.

    I have no monetary interest in any of these companies.

    I will return with user reviews after I get them...I will have to wait for a splinter as I refuse to get one on purpose!

    I must admit I have way too much free time

    Cactus Man

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    Re: 2 Cool Tools

    For those like me who are a little frugal, these tweezers also work very well.
    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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      Re: 2 Cool Tools

      The two tools arrived

      1. the tweezer is very clever, simple, and is finely machined.
      So far I still refuse to a volunteer splinter/sliver so you will
      just have to wait until I get one to discuss the tweezers's merits.

      2. The new drill doctor DDSB arrived. The video with it is excellent.
      I immediately went to the work shop to sharpen some spade bits...
      in a few words "way to easy, excellent job"!!!

      Oh I also purchased the work sharp WS3000 after reading another post from here.
      I can't remember the last time my chisels were so sharp! I plan to order the optional knife sharpener the way offers the best price and free shipping.

      Finally I did my part for the USA economy..all three of these tools are
      made here in the USA!!!!! Well work sharp says they have been forced to buy some parts off shore but otherwise made in the good old USA!!! This makes me very happy and not upset I spent a few extra bucks.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: 2 Cool Tools

        I have the drill doc and I use it more than I thought I would. It's a good tool.


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          Re: 2 Cool Tools

          Found the best way to get splinters is to just cut them out with a sharp knife.

          Yep. True.



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            Re: 2 Cool Tools

            Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
            Found the best way to get splinters is to just cut them out with a sharp knife.

            Yep. True.

            Yes, but how about when the sliver is in you!


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              Re: 2 Cool Tools

              Originally posted by Pipestone Kid View Post
              Yes, but how about when the sliver is in you!
              I cut it out with a knife. Yep, I promise. Beats the heck out of that needle & tweezer torture.



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                Re: 2 Cool Tools

                me too much easier with a sharp razor knife. go against the sliver to grab and slide it back out.

                had a little sliver of glass in my foot several months ago and after a few days i knew it was there. i could feel it when i walked. joey was of no help and here told me to go to the er soaked the foot in the tub to soften the skin and went to work with the blade. no blood and no pain and no $100 deductible

                phoebe it is


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                  Re: 2 Cool Tools

                  This is a follow up regarding the Drill Doctor product line.

                  All of the newer models: DDSB, 750 500 etc. use a permanent magnet DC electric motor. If you own their older product line such as the model 400 you'll notice immediately some obvious differences.

                  1. weight
                  2. vibration
                  3. noise level and radio frequency interference [EMI]

                  1. weight... the older units used a heavier motor and required more
                  plastic etc. The center of gravity is slightly different too. The newer
                  models are much lighter in weight thus less plastic. The
                  permanent magnet DC motor is much lighter in weight.

                  2. vibration... the older units would not dance around when used.
                  The newer models being lighter in weight tend to dance around
                  when used.

                  3. noise level... Again, the older models were quieter. The older units
                  used a universal motor which is quieter and no radio frequency
                  The newer designed motor is noisier and causes EMI [radio
                  frequency interference]. Tune to an AM broadcast radio station
                  and you'll hear it.

                  I dropped a note to the president of Drill doctor and he passed my
                  comments along to one of his design Engineers. The Engineer agreed with me regarding the radio interference and noise etc.

                  Now this was quite interesting..The units [all models] they design for
                  export to Japan and Europe demand AC line noise filtering to
                  eliminate radio frequency interference!!!! Thus they include AC line
                  filtering during the manufacture of the unit. Not so for the USA market production runs!

                  The Engineer told me it's a tank circuit [I won't bore you with the
                  electronic details here]. It's just sad that us American consumers are
                  subject to JUNK devices that cause all sorts of interference.
                  The solution is simply enforcing what manufacturing laws are already on the books. The FCC is impotent period! [rant subdued]

                  I appreciated the candor of the Drill Doctor Company and not making excuses or playing dumb!

                  OK now for a solution....

                  They offered to take my units and install the AC filters at additional expense. [I suspect about $1.50 in parts] They did not discuss costs
                  within the correspondence.

                  I decided to see what I can do here locally....Well the DDSB is not really made to be disassembled in the field so I went with outboard AC line filtering.

                  I determined that simply moving the Drill Doctor further away from the radio reduces the noise pick up. I also noticed plugging the Drill Doctor into a different receptacle also reduced the EMI [noise].

                  I then installed an old Radio Shack brute force AC line filter at the Drill Doctor. The noise was reduced but not gone...Then for giggles I
                  installed the AC line filter on the radio's 2 wire line cord; the result,

                  I'm not sure if Radio Shack still carries this type AC line filter, model

                  There are many AC line filters out there ranging from a few dollars to
                  over a hundred...Their effectiveness is also often based upon their price..A ten dollar unit may work but a twenty dollar unit will do a better job etc.

                  The Engineer also mentioned the permanent magnet DC motor is
                  more efficient, lighter in weight, runs more efficiently but yes very noisy! He also told me most of the newer smaller hand held power
                  tools use them too. He indicated typically hand/palm sanders as an example.

                  I immediately went to my Ridgid 5" orbital sander model R2601
                  [newest generation/version] and powered it up. A big sigh of relief as
                  it does not cause EMI [radio frequency interference].

                  Cactus Man