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Eb4424 oscillating sander

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  • Eb4424 oscillating sander

    I wish there was an embedded nut on the side of the case to hold the backstop assembly when it and the belt are off while using the spindle. There's storage for everything else but this item. I glued a nut to my stand for this purpose.

    I wish there was an extender for the spindle so that 6" high spindles could be used.

    I wish the power cord came out of the back of the unit rather than the side.

    I wish there was more adjustments for the table (my adjustable table sits proud of the fixed table when in the level / 0 degree position).

    I wish the soft knob on the spindle was hard plastic or metal - it seems to get tightened so tight that it requires pliers to remove it. Alternatively it would be nice to have a tool that fit the knob.